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AIRSOURCE Enterprises Limited

Was established in 2006.

Business project
Pneumatic and hydraulic automation products sales and trading services, all brands are the exclusive agent or regional distributors.

Business objectives
Provide customers with practical applicability and value of the product, thereby helping customers to create added value for their products and differentiation.

‧ Germany CO-AX
‧ PARKER (LEGRIS, KURODA, ORIGA, WATTS, Telemecanique ...)

Products include compressed air and empty oil with all the automation components such as:

Solenoid valve Hydrogen valve Medical valve Chemical Mechanical claw
Pneumatic valve Helium valve Instrument Valves category Gas plant Air motor
Pressure valve
(500 bar)
Explosion-proof valve Zero leakage valve Power plant Pressurized cylinder
High viscosity valve Proportional valve Dispensing valves Mills Booster
High temperature valves (+400 ℃) Pressure
proportional valve
Steel Plant Styrofoam factory Booster pump
Deep cold valve (Ultra-low temperature valve -296 ℃) Logic valves
Refinery Boiler industry professionals and pneumatic cylinders with valves, etc. (pneumatic cylinder) High pressure gas booster pump
Nitrogen valve Works with high pollution valves Cement Hydraulic cylinder rotary cylinder Regulator
Vacuum cups Pen-shaped cylinder Sensor Switch Pressure Switch High Pressure Regulator
Usually two or three fluid valve Silencer Steady speed Empty oil drum conversion Positioning the valve
Mechanical valve Food-grade
fittings Tube
Brake cylinder Plunger valve Modular valve
Manual valve Non-rotating cylinder Rodless cylinder Check Valve Vacuum valve
Hand Dial Valve To the oil cooler Cold Gun Slide the pressure relief valve Vacuum Generators
Hand valve Filter The steam valve Automatic drainage Shock Absorbers
FRL Valves Dust valve Shaft valve Kirikae valve
Y-shaped valve Slow start valve Control valve Other pneumatic components. Rotary valve
Stainless steel fittings Rapid exhaust valve Speed ​​Connector Copper fittings Quick Connector
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